Student Learning

Teaching and Learning Model

Our teaching and learning model is based on the work of Professor Brian Cambourne. It is adopted as a guiding model at Rossmoyne Primary School and along with a safe and supportive learning environment, forms the basis of our approach to teaching and learning. Rich learning occurs when all of the following are embedded aspects of the learning process.


Occurs when the learner is convinced that:
“I am a potential doer or performer of these demonstrations I am observing. Engaging with these demonstrations will further the purposes of my life. I can engage and try to emulate without fear of physical or psychological hurt if my attempt is not fully correct. I like, trust, respect, and want to emulate the person demonstrating.”

(Immersion and Demonstration must be accompanied by engagement and followed up by reflection.)


Learners need to receive many demonstrations in order to internalise some aspect or portion of that particular demonstration.


Learners need to make at least some of their own decisions about when, how and what parts to learn in any learning task. Learners who lose the ability to make decisions are dis-empowered.


Learners must feel free to approximate the desired model – ‘mistakes’ are an essential part of the learning process for learning to occur.


Learners must receive constructive feedback from exchanges with more knowledgeable others. Feedback must be relevant, appropriate, timely, readily available and nonthreatening.


We need to acknowledge that children learn in different ways and may come from diverse learning cultures and therefore need to be engaged in learning activities that reflect the best features of the different learning styles.


Learners need time and opportunity to use, employ and practise their skills and understandings in functional, realistic, non-artificial, creative and artistic ways.


Expectations of those to whom learners are bonded are powerful coercers of behaviour. “We achieve what we expect to achieve, we fail if we expect to fail; we are more likely to engage with demonstrations of those whom we regard as significant and who hold high expectations for us”.


Learners need to be immersed in varied [teacher and learner controlled] learning situations.