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At Rossmoyne Primary School, Music plays an integral part in our school’s culture and curriculum. Every student from Year Pre-Primary to Year 6 is taught Music as part of the curriculum and students from Year 1 to 6 have dedicated sessions with our Music Specialist.

A large number of scientific studies has found that music education can “…improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems to work better, help us to learn language, help us to moderate our emotional states, help us to solve complex problems and help our brains to be healthier into later life.” Dr. Anita Collins, Neuromusical Educator, Canberra.

Rossmoyne Primary School is proud to have Music as a Specialist subject, which provides our students with the skills and knowledge to transition seamlessly into the well renowned Music Program at Rossmoyne Senior High School.

Our Music sessions have a strong emphasis on developing tuneful, rhythmical and expressive students through both the Kodály and Orff Schulwerk approaches. In the Music classroom, students develop their performance, composition, improvisation, aural and theoretical skills through singing, chanting, moving, dancing, playing games, working with tuned and untuned percussion and practicing the recorder (Year 4) and ukulele (Year 2-6).

The School also boasts a strong music co-curricular program, including two choirs, a concert band, an orchestra and approximately 80 students who learn instruments as part of the Department of Education’s Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS). Please see below for further details.

Music Blog

The Rossmoyne PS Music Blog is used by our Music Specialist to post extra lesson content, information about the instrumental program and extra-curricular videos. To access the blog, go to:


Instrumental Music Program

Each year, children are evaluated for aptitude and suitability for tuition by Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) staff. Numbers are restricted and only a small number of places are available. Violin/Viola is offered in Year 3, Cello in Year 4, Clarinet, Flute, Brass (trumpet and trombone), Double Bass and Percussion in Year 5. Children who meet the criteria attend weekly lessons and are expected to continue their instrumental tuition until the end of Year 6. All instrumental students have get to perform at Rossmoyne Primary School’s annual Soirée at the end of Term 3 or early Term 4 of each year.

More information can be found at:


String students in Year 5 and 6 work with our peripatetic strings tutor and participate in the Orchestra. Year 4 students and those learning string instruments privately, may also be invited to participate.

Concert Band:

Students learning brass, flute, clarinet and percussion in the school’s instrumental program are expected to participate in our Concert Band. In the past, our Concert Band has performed at the ABODA Junior Concert Band Festival held at Churchlands Senior High School and aims to join up each year with Canning Vale Primary School’s band to perform together.

Junior and Senior Choirs:

Our school has two non-auditioned Choirs. Year 3 and 4 students may join the Junior Choir and Year 5 and 6 students may join the Senior Choir. The Junior Choir began in 2019 and has performed at the School’s Learning Journey and Pink Walk for Breast Cancer Day.

The Senior Choir performs each year for our ANZAC Day ceremony and has participated numerous times in Massed Choir Festival, held each year at the Perth Concert Hall. The Choirs have also had the opportunity to sing spread Christmas cheer at local shopping centres and perform for the residents at aged care facilities.

Our Orchestra, Concert Band and Choirs all rehearse outside of school hours.